Pixel Perfect?

With Google launching two new phones on Tuesday that look deceptively like iPhone clones?  Could it be that Google has come to think that its "open" architecture is no longer relevant?  Or is it more likely that they have come to terms with bastardisation of their operating system?  

The problem child that just got worse and worse.  The parents taking it to task for its unruly behaviour, but ignored.  The realisation that they need to take it behaviour therapy to work on its anger issues.  Even though only 8 years old the Android was thought to be maturing well but then, setbacks after setbacks.  

Could the therapy now be working?

Android has become stronger, waring nicer clothes and looking after itself.  Parents are now relieved they have got Android back on track. The Pixels look good, they should.  Me thinks copying a great design is never going to hurt.  But somehow I can't see them selling a lot at the price of an iPhone.  For the vast majority of purchasers (not tech journalists or bloggers) these phones don't ring the bell of affordability for Android users. They want a good phone that costs £300 or so, not £600 for the base model with 5inch screen. Traditionally, Android users do not like paying for apps nor phones and yes, they have Hauwei, Motorola, Samsung or Xiaomi to choose from.  

Their only hope is to take the mantel from Samsung since their Note 7 is causing problems for their consumers.  Perhaps it will make a dent in that part of the market but I think this is more like mild panic on Google's part that their ecosystem is falling apart.

Google Pixel Phone Event roundup by Android Central.




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