Logitech K780 Bluetooth Keybard.

My search to find a suitable Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Pro 12.9inch was interesting in the fact that their are so many available.  From Apple's Smart Keyboard case to the many generic options available on Amazon.  The problem with Apple's keyboard are the squishy keys that do not inspire confidence in typing and is so overpriced at £169.00 for the privilege.  I also looked at the Magic Keyboard and although good i though it was a little cramped but i did not want to buy Apple's numeric Bluetooth keyboard.  Especially at £129.00.  

So I looked at the various solutions such as keyboards with a case from Logitech and found them to be rather bulky.  But fear not Logitech came to the rescue with their K780 Multi device Keyboard, for IOS, Chrome, Windows & Mac.  I bought the keyboard from John Lewis for £64.99 including VAT.  It's a great keyboard with great key travel for the type, you can have three devices connected to it at once.  I have my iPad and iPhone and you could have your mac as a third or even a Windows PC (if you must).  

It also has an integrated stand that holds my iPad in landscape mode only but anything smaller can be held in both portrait and landscape.  

 K780 @ John Lewis 


K780 with iPad Prp 12.9inch 2017 model. 

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