Turning The Tables

With the vinyl revival getting stronger and stronger, is CD dead?


That Vinyl is on the up-and-up with turntable manufacturers bringing out new models to meet new demand.  Where does this leave cd’s?  After 35yrs cd sales are slowing down as more and more people want the experience of listening to a medium that has always been of high resolution.  Just as we are seeing high resolution files being sold.   


But not all high resolution filesn are created equally.  Buying from reputable companies such as Linn  or Bowers & Wilkins and others you’re assured of the highest quality files possible.  Looking at a vinyl record played on a good British turntable from Linn or Rega for instance, shows how this mature technology continues to wipe the floor with cd.  As cd is consumed by its original promise of “Perfect sound forever” and after only a third of the time we’ve had records, it seems vinyl reproduction based on solid engineering is once again proving that there is more to sound reproduction than bits! 


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