The SEN Mindfield.

This is not just about austerity but more attitudinal, especially with local authorities and how they would fight tooth and nail not to provide the required support. SEN covers a wide area including dyslexia, visual impairment, cognition and PMLD.  The fact that in my experience ( I used to work for a charity for deafblind people) it always took a long time for parents to find support and then to get the support for their child or loved one.


Unfortunately as with anything you get schools that are good and bad.  Authorities that are goof or bad.  It's the relationships that those supporting families and those who want the best for the individual that make the breakthroughs in finding the appropriate funding. 


It's time to support Labour's National Education Strategy and ensure that everyone no matter what their problems might be has the best possible chance to develop and grow through education. Anything less and we are just a bunch of hypocrites.

A Stake To The Heart

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