The Politics of Brexit.

I don't think that Labour is jeopardising the vote for Brexit, I believe they are going to engage constructively with Barnier and his team.  One thing is for sure, we are leaving and people need to realise that. Polly Toynbee's assertion that the current Tory government is incompetent mean she has suddenly woken from her slumber and realises only too late that Jeremy Corbyn is the only leader that can give us the deal we need as a country.


No one seriously thought that the EU would hand everything on a plate to us but neither can they enforce a hard Brexit as this will hurt their own economies and no matter what remoaners say, there is a deal to be struck. 


For those who feel they cant stomach any change to the EU's lack of democracy and its unwillingness to deal with its own structural problems such a s a balanced budget that is signed off or the unfettered control of the commission has over  the democratically elected parliament, says a lot about those who talk about democracy and how other countries should embrace a free-market economy but won't even consider putting the same effort in campaigning against an institution that is organisationally corrupt. 


The nonsense talked about how the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland is so tricky to resolve is absolutely bonkers.  We had an arrangement before the EU came into being and when the Common Market became an entity.  All the brouhaha about how the border is going to be difficult to enforce is utter rubbish. And has more to do with people trying to put up barriers because they still wont accept the vote of 23rd June.


That we have an incompetent government is more to do with the idiots that voted Tory than it is to do with Brexit. Time to move on.  Give Jeremy and his team your support for once rather than constantly sniping as the Guardian and Polly has done so consistently since he became leader.

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