Theresa May?

Well, what do we see here?  A Conservative Prime Minister saying the party now wishes to occupy the centre ground of UK politics?  Don't be fooled by the ideas she has just proposed in her speech to conference today 05/10/2016.

Theresa wants the party to help everyone!  Where has she been for the past six years?  

  • The horrendous and calculated attack of disabled people by the DWP for instance, only now are they looking at the long-term ill not to have to go through six month assessments.  Where was she when this happened? 
  • The continuous attacks by Jeremy Hunt on the doctors and nurses in the NHS. I wonder where Theresa was when this happened.  
  • Then we have the bedroom tax.  I wonder where Theresa was when this horrible and divisive legislation took place? 

She was in the very same government and took part in cabinet to approve the above.

Now are we going to see people who are homeless helped to get decent accommodation?  All she talked about was building houses, not social housing!  

Theresa talks the talk but will she walk the walk?

There was much to hear but nothing substantial.  No policy announcements that we can forensically pick apart.  Nothing new here, nothing to see.  Theresa wants to see a more inclusive and civilised society?  Great!  The first job would be to sack Jeremy Hunt!  But no, Theresa had nothing but admiration for him, tells you everything you need to know.  

This is not about claiming the centre ground, this is about saving the Conservative Party.  Getting the UKIP voters back where they belong!  This is about retaining power as they are now scared of Labour and its now 500,000+ party members with policies that appeal to a wider electorate.  Seeing so many people asleep at the conference says volumes about how the party is failing.  Yes, in power but not for long.






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