May on the Hunt for a remedy to the NHS ills.

Theresa May has shown that she is totally incompetent during the latest crisis of a failing NHS.  At PMQ's yesterday it was evident that Theresa did not know what was going on!  Jeremy Hunt certainly did not have a clue, during the opposition debate he was his usual combative self but it's wearing a bit thin now.  People understand that you can't sort things out with a click of your fingers but what is more important is that you do something.

The notion that the Community Charge precept will help Social Care is delusional. Areas with high income families can raise more money than areas where low income is the norm.  It is Social Care that has had the most impact on NHS A&E and the loss of beds within hospitals over the past 20yrs has not helped either.  With no increase in social care funding in the Autumn Statement from Phillip (spreadsheet) Hammond just shows how the government are so distant from the electorate.  Even the Conservative back bench are having jitters about this current crisis.  They are getting grief not only from Labour supporters but their own.  The way in which Tory back bench MP's are becoming restless for a solution, must make Jeremy Hunt nervous.  After all the close shaves Jeremy Hunt has had being the Minister for Health make him a prime candidate to take the fall.  And so he should! 

Theresa May politically has been a car crash as can be seen at PMQ's yesterday.  She sacked George Osborne but not Jeremy Hunt!  What is going on here?  Could it be May already knew of the problems in the NHS and wanted Hunt to take all the blame or is it more likely that she just does not have a clue about the NHS?  Makes one wonder if she has ever been a patient of the NHS or is it BUPA that she visits?

Video of Jeremy Corbyn asking to cancel corporate tax cuts and fund the NHS.

Video of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ's 11th January 2017.


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