And the beat goes on!

Today we see those who opposed Jeremy still going onto the media and trying to stir up more trouble.  This was evident today when Heidi Alexander appeared on Sunday Politics with Andrew Neil.  She just could not bring herself to be magnanimous in defeat.  She seems to be one of the MP's who will not be part of the shadow cabinet.  It is such a shame that people such as Heidi who are obviously disappointed with the result, not to think of the wider implications of not being united.  I am asking all MP's to come together and unite. 

There will always be differences but none that should divide us and let's at least be grown up about the how we treat one-another as we go forward.  All MP's need to remember who put them there and the hard work of the CLP's in order for them to be in such a privileged position.  Now is the time for MP's to join the shadow cabinet without predictions to serve the party.

Above.  Video of Labour Leadership Result 2016.

On the other hand.  This short video about Angela Rayner of her journey to become an MP is inspiring and I hope young women look at this video and take heart that they too can take the same journey. 

Above.  Video of Angela Rayner MP.


And the band played on...