We are united, aren't we?

A united party working for everyone?  From the mouths of Liz Kendall on Question Time and Lisa Nandy on This Week on Thursday, there seems to be little hope of an amicable settlement between the two parties.  That is the Blairite followers still wedded to the 1990's like some Brit-pop group basking in their former glory!  In their pomp, they had a large following and then it happened! That awkward second album that they just couldn't get right.  The lead singer becoming more and more deluded that he is the band, the rest are just minions that help him in his path for world domination. 

So they replaced the leader with the drummer, thumping out the past hits but never quite getting the same adulation of the lead singer.  So, they broke up.  Musical differences were sighted in the press.  Although they hoped to get a reunion of the original band but the lead singer had gone awol, sighted in some despotic regime saying he can help the dictator write a hit song but it will cost him.

Meanwhile... The band from the new romantics era are making a comeback.  Buoyed by the sudden interest in their 1980's blockbuster "Liverpool" an album that reminds of shell suits and floppy hair, never mind the baggy suits with trainers!  The band now in sensible attire get their synth-pop anthems out to connect with the youth of today, much to their surprise the kids want them to make a comeback. So they announce a tour.  From Birmingham to Wakefield, the band plays to packed out gigs - the kids just love them!  Lets get an album out now, they say, the album is bought by over 60% and they become the old, new wave.  What is the lesson to be learned? Never let the lead singer think he is god and don't allow the drummer to do the vocals!

On Saturday 24th September the synth-pop band will launch their new album called "Liverpool For Corbyn" many millions will be sold but will it get the airplay it deserves.



And the band played on...

Waiting for Saturday.