Waiting for Saturday.

Well, it's all over by the shouting!  Come Saturday we will know the result of the new leader of the Labour Party.  Although a forgone conclusion (Jeremy will win) it will be interesting to see by how much % he will win by.  

The NEC meeting on Tuesday sort of ended with nothing resolved. My opinion is that it will probably be a third for members, leader and PLP for voting on the shadow cabinet.   I think that on Saturday once the new members of the NEC are onboard, we might see this change with more members having a say on how the shadow cabinet is elected.  

I listened to Angela Rayner this morning on BBC Radio Five Live.  A more coherent and impressive politician you would not find anywhere else but in the Labour Party.  Angela was confident, expressed her view clearly and above all was loyal to the leader of the party.  I wish her values where those of the 170 MP's who brought about this divisive and unneeded contest, that took us away from taking the government to task.     

Angela Rayner on BBC Radio Five Live


We are united, aren't we?

Jeremy Corbyn in Birmingham 17th September 2016