Another minister for once falls on their sword. Belatedly, but non-the-less Amber Rudd sacrifices herself so that Theresa May could carry on regardless.  Oh, what a carry-on it is for this dysfunctional government.   

Perhaps it’s s carry on at your convenience or is it more like Carry on Screaming.  With Theresa May being Emily Bung, as the continuously disappointed housewife of Boris Johnson’s, Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung!  Or for that matter Jeremy Hunt as Oddbod, the offspring of some dispicable experiment by Michael Gove as Dr Orlando Watt whose latest creation is Chris Grayling known as Oddbod Junior.  That Amber Rudd is the vampire Valeria Watt who likes to take a bite out of everyone only for Sajid Javid to be Dan Dann the cleaning man to clean up their mess.

A government that would send the shivers down any goth, who would immediately ask Van Helsing for a stake!  Yes, hopefully on Thursday that stake maybe delivered to the heart of the Conservative Party so we don’t Carry on Screaming! 



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