Theresa May Launches Missile at Europe! America says "Whoa it's heading our way!"

Theresa launched her Trident missile at Europe this week only for it heading towards America.  Obama had a close shave when the Royal Navy launched an unarmed Trident missile that wanted to go in the opposite direction to that intended.   A bit like Theresa now having to try and defend the crisis in the NHS.  Crisis, what crisis?  The good ship Theresa steams onward to a failing NHS, a failing prison service,  a failing education service and the obliteration of social care.   If only the missile could have found its way to the cabinet office it might have irradiated those nasty bugs (The Cabinet) and brought much needed safety for the rest of us.  Unfortunately, irradiating politicians would only make them last longer before going off!

Just think of it!  A longer lasting Chris Grayling who can do even more damage to the rail industry and a longer lasting "Spreadsheet" Hammond, who could give even more of our money away to those who need it less.  God forbid a longer lasting Jeremy Hunt, perhaps we could use him as a portable x-ray machine to see if there is a any compassion left in the cabinet.  I doubt it! 

Video below of Jeremy Corbyn asking Theresa May to cancel corporate tax cuts to fund the NHS.

Video above Labour video on Tories attack on Social Care.

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