Masonry Position

Paul Mason published an article in The Guardian today that is an absolute disgrace. Calling for hard working members of Jeremy Corbyn’s team to be sacked is beyond the pale. He states that he wants to see a new team in Jeremy’s office and new remain/reform agenda from the party. It is an absolute disgrace that Paul Mason should say such things about people who are working hard to deliver the policies that people need so desperately from a Labour Government. I would go further and say that Paul Mason now has shown his true colours and is an existential threat to wide-ranging policies we promoted at the last election and the election to come.

Moreover, his attack on Ian Lavery, Labour Party Chairman, is beyond belief. I’m afraid that a lot of people who once thought of Paul Masson as a decent socialist will no longer be able to support his work or opinions.

The fallout for all parties from the EU Parliamentary Elections will be around for some time. But, the rush into we need to have another referendum that is now being pushed by Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer and Tom Watson belies the fact that another referendum will be just as divisive as the first and we will be no further forward. Once again, this is a London centric issue that fails to take into account the views of those who have lost most under successive governments whilst being in the EU. They’ve not benefitted from the EU like those in the South East have as that is where all the real investment goes.

The gang of three seem to forget this. Two represent London seats the other represents one of the most deprived areas of the country that voted overwhelmingly to leave and had the second lowest turnout in the West Midlands EU elections. Tom Watson’s area of Sandwell had a turnout of 27.93% with only 60.341 people voting out of an electorate of 216.082, so hardly and endorsement for his recent conversion to a People’s Vote. Camden Council which is in Keir Starmer’s constituency had a turnout of 44.8% with 60,273 people voting out of an electorate of 151,153 on 2018 figures. Emily Thornberry’s constituency had a turnout of 47.86% with 66,963 voting out of an electorate of 150, 778.

So lets look at a leave area in the North of England. Let’s look at Yvette Cooper’s constituency of Pontefract, Castleford & Normanton. Turnout for the Wakefield area which includes the constituency was 29.94% with 74,827 voting out of an electorate estimated 249,923. The Labour Party got 12,661 votes in the Wakefield area and The Brexit Party got 33,173 in a very strong Labour area. Yvette’s constituents voted by 70% to leave! Politicians in leave areas must be quaking in the boots if a General Election is called. Perhaps they need to wake up and smell the coffee? Otherwise, what happened to Labour in Scotland will happen in the North and Midlands and Labour can’t afford to lose 80% of their seats in these areas as happened in Scotland.

One excellent piece of news just breaking is Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party. About time too! Let’s hope Tony Blair to be given his marching orders next!

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