Jokers To The Left of Me, Jokers To The Right!

We are now seeing the Tory Leadership Contest with all the subtly of someone throwing a brick into a plate glass window. They’re coming out with all sorts of bad behaviour, such as their drug taking past. I wouldn’t mind so much if it enhanced their performance but unfortunately it seems to make them even more despicable than they already are. Perhaps we will see them actually apologise for austerity or the Windrush scandal. Perhaps they will find time to apologise for the appalling levels of ineptitude in dealing with a society on its knees due to their collective pillaging of public services or the privatisation of the NHS?

One thing is for certain there is no-one in this group of people that hasn’t at sometime inflicted great harm to the most vulnerable in our society.

We need a General Election as soon as possible. That’s the only way to solve the deep divisions in our country at present. Nothing else will bring the country together otherwise.

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