As we have seen and heard of the atrocities in America over the weekend, we wonder just how many shootings can take place in America before sane individuals in government have the strength of character and the political will to do something about gun control!

The fact that the NRA have spent over $100M to ensure gun control doesn’t happen shows the shambolic state of their moral responsibility to the American people. The people of America needs someone with money who can’t be bought by the gun lobby to back a campaign against both Republicans & Democrats who do not support gun control but sup at the table with the NRA. More than ever for the people who have died & injured this weekend and those families who are still suffering from past atrocities, they need to see action on gun control bust most of all they need to see a future without guns.

They need hope without hate. They need to see their politicians for once to be on their side - not vested interests.

They say “Hope springs eternal” the families have already waited far too long for hope to arrive. Now’s the time for action an end to kicking the can down the road!

We send our heartfelt condolences for their loss for all who’ve been killed or injured in these atrocities. We need to give these families hope for the future so no family has to feel the way these families feel tonight and the future.

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