The Never Ending Remain Twaddle of Paul Mason


Paul Mason in his Guardian column said: 

“Meanwhile, because remain votes pile up in big cities, even if it claws many remainers back, that’s not enough to compensate in the crucial marginal seats.

I have to admit this risk is real. But let’s consider the alternatives.”

Yes, let’s consider the future of 158 Labour MP’s in leave voting areas.  How many are you willing to sacrifice to get your grubby People’s Vote?

Those leave communities have suffered so much in the past forty years do you not think they’ve already factored in the Brexit consequences?  After all they’ve been through yet still this political elite ignores them once again.  And once again the elite makes the same mistakes as they did in Scotland, ignoring their core voters and lost 80% of the Labour seats to the SNP’s delight!  You really can’t make this up can you? 

The elite didn’t have any problems voting for war in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Send our brave servicemen/women to be killed or maimed?  Not a problem, just let me Vote!  Actually getting Brexit through Parliament?  “Well, old boy, there’s lots to think about, got take our time with this you know.  Might never happen if we keep stopping and starting the process.”

Utterly devoid of any integrity!  Are Remain elite just a bunch of charlatans?

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