I believe we will see a different Trump as President. He will have to compromise on many policies but with the Republicans holding sway in The Senate & House of Representatives, he may well get some of his policies through that otherwise would not happened with Obama.

Am I pleased he is President? No. Nor would I be if Clinton was President. People are all over the place saying how bad this is and demonstrating. Get over it and work with him. This anti democratic posturing because your guy or gal has not won diminishes your position.

The establishment have had their day and failed the vast majority of the electorate, this is payback for their callousness and lack of morality. The Labour Party before Jeremy Corbyn became leader, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are all culpable in not listening to the majority and when this majority flexes its muscle they are called racist, xenophobic or the classic putdown "they do not realise what they have done" how dare you!

People are hurting because of what these people have not done. It's time for you to get of your high horse to make things better for those you have taken for granted. As for Trump, he will have to deliver or he and the Republican Party are toast. We may not like him but at least show some respect for his position. We may need his help in the future, think about that!

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The Donald!