NHS & Social Care

There can be no more important sign of a civilised society than how it treats those in need.  We have had six years of Tory cuts in welfare, health & social care.  Such agrecious are these cuts that it puts the NHS & social care of vulnerable people on a knife edge.  Whichever party you vote for these cuts impact upon us all, even those fundamentally opposed to a health system, free at the point of use. 

We now see such idiotic ideas as people being asked to bring two forms of ID for non-emergency treatment to save money that is but a rounding error in the NHS accounts.  A failure of compassion and reasoning based on lies, deceit & a fundamental lack of understanding of how society works for those in need.  If you believe in compassion and one the few truly formative services this country has ever provided to us all.  Please support Labour's campaign.


YouTube of Jeremy Corbyn's questions to Theresa May on the NHS & Socisl Care. 

My Lords!