The Donald!

Well, hell does freeze over after all.  Donald Trump, President Elect.   Trump won because of the inadequacy of both parties.   A failure of both party machines to identify what is going on in their country but also a failure of leadership.  No one has the right now because of who they are related to (Bush or Clinton) or the company they keep, deep in the shadows of the political mafia that is so insulated you can use it for loft insulation (enough hot air in Washington to keep everyone warm) as well as burning money. 

No, the reasons for Trumps victory are not hard to find.  Look anywhere in the US and see deprivation, homelessness, addiction and crime at the very heart of every day life.  With no party willing to put Humpty back together again.  So they made sure Humpty was smashed to smithereens.  

What this tells you is for many millions of people the American dream is just that,  a figment of their imagination.  Nothing to touch, nothing to hold and nothing say.  It was time that the party elite had their dreams shattered so they could experience the same as those such deprived! 

Now Trump has the task to make those dreams come true.  Will he? Can he?  Or will it be a case of I'm hired and you're fired!



America's Finest?