America's Finest?

What can I say?  This must be one the most disgraceful events in American politics and there has been some!  Two candidates, both with issues regarding their trustworthiness with the US electorate.  Two candidates who are both divisive & unpopular with all the personality of a brick thrown through a window.  At least a brick knows its purpose in life.  These two have brought the presidential race into disrepute.   But so have the two parties, after many years of tit for tat policy denials and obfuscation. 

The democratic system is broken.  Leaving one to ponder how it can be stuck back together again?  Both The House of Representatives and Senate are undemocratic and corrupt to the core, if you want any change its how much you give to those involved rather than the good of the nation.  Policies from either party, good or bad, depends on who you support, stymied through the complexities of inadequate politicians trying to make a name for themselves and then no matter how important the policy maybe to the electorate, there is no hope of it passing into law.

The solution?  Simple. America needs to have the same process as we have in the UK.  An elected parliament that makes law and (unlike us) an elected second chamber that only has the power to scrutinise.  Too many times bills have not been enacted due either The House or Senate having not agreed to vote.  This is a failure of democracy.  The American people need change!  They will not get it from Trump or Clinton!  They're screwed!

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