Lucas Fills Cabinet - All White Now!

Lucas Fills Cabinet - All White Now!

Caroline Lucas MP, made an extraordinary gaff this morning writing in The Guardian today. Sending out letters to Jo Swinson, Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry & Justine Greening who have all voted to make things worse for women since 2010 Con/LIb alliance. Really does show how far Caroline has fallen from grace as a decent honest MP who would in normal circumstances be welcomed as a Labour MP.

Theresa May. CC License from WikiPedia.

Theresa May. CC License from WikiPedia.

This notion that women are somehow empathic and understanding of issues that men can’t flies in the face of the two female Prime Ministers that have ruled the country with the full frontal attack on our society leading to poor life chances and the destruction of services that women rely on.

Margaret Thatcher. CC License from WikiPedia

Margaret Thatcher. CC License from WikiPedia

Both female Prime Ministers went out fo their way to make it as difficult as possible for women to take a full part in our society. Closing down vital public services including youth centres under Thatcher and SureStart centres under May.

Yet Caroline Lucas wants a cabinet of women who have voted for the cuts in welfare, voted for paying for only two children under child benefit (unless you can prove you were raped!) that Caroline can consider putting these women in a cabinet shows how desperate she now is to stop Brexit.

Brexit is all-consuming for Caroline. She sees this as the greatest threat to our society. I would contend that another five years of Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government is far more dangerous to the society we live in at the moment.

NHS in Crisis.

Social Care in Crisis.

Mental Heath in Crisis.

Education in Crisis.

Climate Emergency.


These are the issues people care about.

Not one member of Caroline’s Cabinet came from the BAME Community! Not only is Caroline wrong about her approach but she is blind to white privilege.

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