44 Dinosaurs Walked into Oblivion.

A typical  image of one of the 44!

A typical  image of one of the 44!

On the 1st February 44 Labour MP's who suddenly found they had a conscience, walked through the Nay lobby in The Commons.  Doesn't matter that these MP's voted for the referendum but suddenly felt compelled to be concerned about the future of the country and believed that they could not vote through Article 50 now. 

The 44 said "their constituents voted remain and they had to represent them" meanwhile, those constituencies that voted leave they said" I have to vote with my conscience" meaning, I know what's best for you don't you worry your head about it!

They had a duty that night to represent the country as it was a U.K. Referendum of all the people not by constituency.  Jeremy Corbyn knew only too well that this was the case and a three line whip was called.  What these 44 have done is to destabilise the party once again.  We see that the Manchester Guardian, that fine organ of the left of politics suddenly going all right wing.  I am sure the journalists of the past are spinning in their graves as the supine journalists of this once great broadsheet, once more find themselves intellectually challenged by a democratic vote of those they have done so little to represent.

What should become of the 44?  Well, some will have a rude awakening in the Labour heartlands that voted leave.  Some might or should spend more time with their families.  They showed no political nous nor a willingness to understand that what they were "rebelling" for was a forgone conclusion and had little to do with the task ahead.


A futile battle was fought by the 44 and did Labour more harm than good.  Their opponents had already won the battle and were marching onto their next conquest whilst the 44 were still fighting amongst themselves.  There is a battle to be fought on the type of Brexit we end up with.  I just don't feel those 44 have the intellectual ability to recognise what needs to be done now. 


As the image above proves.  You can be vicious and strong but when you're on the wrong side of history you become extinct! 






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