Hope, Not Despair

Today's rally at the ICC in Birmingham demonstrated the differences between Jeremy Corbyn & Theresa May.  In a barn storming speech to "The Many" who gathered in Birmingham this morning, showed how different Britain could be for many millions who have been left behind by The Conservatives.  

In a way, the rhetoric of the past week shown by Theresa as she has toured the country speaking to  the "Few" as can be evidenced by such small gatherings and micro managed to within an inch of their lives.  Shows why Theresa does not want to go head-to-head with Jeremy in a debate.  She would have to explain why under her government and when she was part of Cameron's government the NHS is in crisis, social care in crisis, disabled people having benefit cuts and the cuts to pensioners she announced in her manifesto.

Jeremy brought a vision of hope, unity and compassion to an otherwise dark and despairing vision outlined by Theresa May.


There is hope.  There is compassion.  There is social responsibility and there is brighter future for the Many not the few! 


On June 8th you have a choice of hope or despair.  I'm voting for hope and Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister.


Rebecca Long-Bailey at the ICC BIrmingham

John McDonell at the ICC Birmingham. 



Jeremy Corbyn at the ICC Birmingham today.


Jeremy talking about how the pensioners have abandoned by the Conservatives.



Make 8th June the end of May! 

Dugdale's Departure.

A Right to Live Independently!