Dugdale's Departure.

I have every sympathy for Dugdale as she has resigned for personal reasons and wish her well.  DO I think she did a good job?  Well, at least she wasn't as bad as Murphy who was hopeless. 


The people of Scotland deserved better than this.  They deserved better than a Tory light party that managed to drive away their core supporters and the party imploded.  The fact that some still hang onto the belief that the Labour Party will win as a party a little less to the right than the Tories is delusional to say the least.  Blair and his god complex is all that is left of a party that ignored its core supporters rather than embrace them. 


Whoever takes over in Scotland should be loyal to the leadership of the party and should promote the policies that Corbyn and his team put in place.The reason why people hate Corbyn is that he is actually making a difference to ordinary people up and down the country.This infuriates the Blairite's because they are only interested in their people, not the rest of us.

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Hope, Not Despair