Neoliberals Don’t Care!

The right peddle their narrative because that’s all they have. They’ve been influenced by big business. They believe they are better than everyone having done a PPE degree and “understand” the relationship of politics and money! They’ve never quite understood the crushing daily fight of ordinary people to work, live and be part of society. They have no empathy unless it relates to one of their own.

The left have always understood the need for co-operation, building diverse alliances and that all important empathy. Where we stand now at the crossroads of more neoliberalism twaddle or a society that benefits everyone, even the neoliberals. Unfortunately, Blair and his cronies are trying to do a Kanute, holding back the inevitable tide of the socialism revival isn’t going to help as he and his mates are swept out to sea. Hoping no doubt for Jean Claude Junker to come along with his EU navy to save him

Barry Gardiner on Marr