Hammonds Slight of Hand

I’ve got news for some of you! The hurt goes back well before Brexit.  It goes all the way back to 1979 and Thatcher.  Some people think it’s just from 2010 it’s not.  Some communities have never recovered from the Thatcher years, they were promised much in the Blair years but Labour (The Right) went full on with zero hours contracts. 

Hammond does believe in austerity.  The leaks we are seeing today about pot hole the repair is a drop in the ocean on what is needed.  Mental health services getting some money but not enough to really help.  And that’s the point.  Hammond knows everything he does is a sticking plaster because if he gave above inflation increases he would be admitting he & Osborne had got our finances so utterly screwed up since 2010.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Keynesian economics.  When borrowing costs were so low we should have been repairing the the roof.  The Con/Lib alliance just shoved a jumper in a hole hoping it never rained! We had a monsoon.  The Guardian can’t bring themselves to admit that the Labour right got things so wrong and uncle Tony will come and make it alright with a comforter filled with neoliberalism to stop them crying.   The only way to have long term growth and an economy that works for everyone is to invest in our infrastructure, invest in our people through education and training that is free for life.  An end to zero hours contracts and a financial sector that works for this country.  Also, when are the banks going to repay us for the bailouts we gave them in 2008!


UC Austerity