Please Go!

Those agonising about leaving the Labour Party and are conveniently using antisemitism as an excuse, show us your campaigning details in this regard. How many speeches in the past have you made, how many marches have you been on? Thought not!

These so called Labour MP’s would rather vote with the Tories or are determined to try and bring down a democratically elected Leader of the party. They would rather Labour be not in power and are working now towards that.

Democracy in the party is happening after the Blairite machine took the power away from members of the party. Their cosy life of being parachuted in and not having to justify themselves to those who campaigned & voted for them.  They’ve become so used to being in Parliament they’ve forgotten who they are representing and why.

Meanwhile at Blairite news (Guardian) a once respected political commentator can’t bring himself to call out these charlatans for who they are!  The Chris Leslie’s of this world do not have the intellectual capability of a Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Shirley Williams or Bill Rodgers.  If Hodge or Field went they wouldn’t be missed & they’re at an age when they shouldn’t be there anyway.  Leslie, Gapes, Umunna or Bradshaw etc.  They should go as soon as possible. 


Grayling isn’t Working!