Far Right

The unedifying spectacle of an MP being barracked by a mob of far-right activists is appalling.  Let’s not forget the barrage of insults against Owen Jones from both the far-right and those centrists who have hounded him mercilessly for years.  We can agree or disagree on politics but it should never boil over into the vile comments expressed recently.

But, in saying we need to see more light than dark in politics there are some caveats!

Both in print, online and television the media have made these outbursts happen.  They’ve gorged themselves on the hate, distrust and of course manipulation of the current status of Brexit.  They’ve tolerated demonstrators outside Parliament because they believe in the EU and so it’s a means to an end for them to have Pro-EU demonstrators waving their placards on live tv. Whilst I want people to be able to demonstrate on something they are passionate about ( I may not agree their with them) but we live in a democracy.  I feel that the media have gone too far in facilitating the Pro-EU demonstrators - sometimes les is more.  That’s the crux of the matter we face here.  Does the Pro-EU media see themselves as facilitators or agitators for a cause that’s run its course? 

We see all too often the same questioning by media of the same people, giving the same answers.  Where’s the education to enable people to understand why people voted the way they did?  It doesn’t matter which way you voted, you should at least have non biased answers to questions by academics who know what they’re talking about.  Not by pressure groups on both sides being bankrolled by individuals who may not have our best interests at heart - for that matter not even UK citizens or tax payers!

No. The reason for the vile comments this week to MP’s and commentators alike can not only be put down to vile, evil right-wing thugs but also to the men and women in the media who brought about the decline in journalistic reporting and standards, they have to take their share of the blame.


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