PMQ Contemptibles

The three contemptibles are Ian Austin, Harriet Harman & Yvette Cooper MP’s. They chose to congratulate Theresa May when she made her valedictory address at her last Prime Minister’s Questions. Rather than condemn her for the brutality of her government and being the architect of the Windrush scandal, they chose to say kind words about a woman who brought more suffering and injustice to our society than any other Prime Minister except, Blair, Cameron and Margaret Thatcher.

Later on we will see how those above should have taken Theresa May to task. Jeremy Corbyn exposed her record as the worst Prime Minister we have ever had.

Video shows picture of Theresa May.

Running order: Ian Austin MP, Harriet Harman MP & Yvette Cooper MP. Then Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Ministers’s Questions.

Lucas Fills Cabinet - All White Now!

Lucas Fills Cabinet - All White Now!