Mann on the moon

As the old REM lyric said ‘if you believe they put a Mann on the moon?’ In this case John Mann MP.

The ugly brute of a man who has never liked Jeremy Corbyn, why? Well I think that Jeremy is kind, principled, understands real people and cares about them.

John Mann on the other hand only thinks of himself and that right-wing element of the Labour Party that really should be members of the Conservatives. Since being made Anti-Semitism Tsar, Mann now has picked up a peerage and still thinks he can retain his Labour membership by being a crossbencher in the House of Lords, he can’t and good riddance. John Mann will not be missed by his party nor his electorate.

Here is the link to his resignation letter on Twitter I’m sure his CLP are rejoicing that he has now resigned and can get someone who really supports those in Bassatlaw.

Climate Emergency!

Climate Emergency!

Saving The Oceans