Saving The Oceans

The problem here is that consumerism has caused most of the problems.

We make things that are disposable, we purchase items that are put together in sweat shops.

We demand fruit and vegetables to be flown from far away countries because we want our fruit and veg that we have in summer all year round. We’ve been told by chefs that the best x is from a country far away but we must have it for their recipe.

We change our car (or encouraged to do so) every few years but how much of it is recycled. 

We buy our ready meals in packaging that is not recyclable.

We complain that a recycling facility is too near us and would pollute our environment.

We do not take public transport to work believing the car is king.

We take jobs that are really too far away from where w live and commute on the sardine express. 

When we buy items we think about how cheap rather than how good they are and how long it will last.

Buy cheap, buy twice. 

We have the power to change things, it’s about time we did so!

Mann on the moon