UC Austerity

As Universal Credit rolls out across the country one thing is certain people are going  be a lot worse off now.  Theresa May talks about the end of a austerity but there is 75% more cuts to make still to come.   Universal Credit is causing more people being impoverished which the government fails to understand  people just want to have a decent level of living, not only is she making things difficult for the most vulnerable in our society, the government has done so for the past eight years. The way in which the government has gone after disabled people shows how little they care about them.  The government see disabled people as a burden, they don’t think about how much people with disabilities contribute to our society.  People with disabilities have a huge purchasing power that no government should  ignore. Think about at all the hundreds of billions of pounds worth of money we spend every year on goods and services and yet the government does not take this into account when Cutting benefits to disabled people. 


John McDonell  spoke about UC on Sophy Ridge last Sunday and you have to say UC has failed everyone and should be scrapped.  The link will take you to the video interview. 


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