Reporting Standards

We don’t want to see anyone at the Labour Conference or in their public or private life feel threatened for who they are, their religion or political views.  But, the Mainstream Media also has a responsibility to be accurate when publishing or issuing statements, even though they may not like our political views.  So would The Daily Mail like to in the spirit of accurately reporting, consider to check their facts before publishing articles relating to Luciana Berger’s “armed police protection” at this years conference. 


I only say this as there is a need for some proper investigative journalism needed in this country rather than a cut and paste approach that seems to forget about presenting the truth!  Whether that truth confirms my view or challenges it I have no problems with but It surely is not too much to ask that journalists should at least do some research beforehand.  I’ve mentioned The Daily Mail but this also applies to BBC, Channel 4 and all media.

Perhaps you need to check this out to get the whole story by Skawkbox I leave you to make up your own mind about how the Mainstream Media works.

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